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Recent content by Barot8

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    Sharpshooter needs a rebuild.

    This change for level 10 Stability Increase damage 30%, movement crouching speed 50%, and reload speed 20% while crouching and using a perk weapon, and running movement speed 40%, when using a perk weapon Would be excellent. I also think Deadeye needs a rework. Does anyone use Deadeye? Does...
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    It's beautiful looking! Many thanks!
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    I hate the characters of the events

    Estoy equivocado. No es posible, aunque muchos han pedido la opción. El evento debe finalizar a mediados de julio. Traducido por Google. Lo siento por los errores.
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    I hate the characters of the events

    I kind of like the events, though I wouldn't say no to a new set of more reskinned zeds for a future event. The zeds say different things and make different audio cues too. If you're playing on pc, I believe there might be a way to turn off the event skins somewhere.
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    Warhammer: Vermintide

    Same for me on L4d. I got really mad that Valve basically let all their games die off. No finale to Half-Life. I know there's VR Alyx but I'd rather have seen maybe a 4 player mix in Half-Life (protect the Freeman) or something like that... which would at least finish the stories of both games...
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    What would you like to see in Killing Floor 3

    You know, I could see an in game thing where wearing a neon item attracts zeds so it could be a tactical thing. Or as a weekly maybe bait player. The mode would be player wears neon noise making bait but earns money by moving around map while others kill zeds. Bait player would maybe have to...
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    Warhammer: Vermintide

    I heard Deep Rock has some similar things to KF.
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    New Medal or Badge

    That would be cool. I'd be up for that... I'm close. I still have Commando and Survivalist at prestige 1, with almost every other at prestige 5 and a couple of 4s that are around 23.
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    Cosmetics more in line with characters and perks

    So I was thinking about immersion and some of the cosmetic. Sure, some of the flashy and hoiday stuff is fun but wouldn't the cosmetics be better served if they fit more the perks and characters? Or maybe packages designed for certain specific classes? Like more Commando fatigues for the...
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    Warhammer: Vermintide

    I picked it up but haven't installed it yet due to my data bandwidth caps. It's a massive download for me. In many ways it's a sort of spiritual cousin to the KF series.
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    What would you like to see in Killing Floor 3

    I think some new enemies would be nice, as well as some new weekly challenges. A return to the game's original horror roots would be nice. A new difficulty that makes the game harder without just making zeds bullet spongy. Possibly when that difficulty is acttive the zeds use different tactics.
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    Killing Floor 2 Perilous Plunder beta 1 (v.1094) is now live.

    Did you submit a ticket to Tripwire bug support?
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    What would you like to see in Killing Floor 3

    In a recent interview with PC Gamer Tripwire started to hint waht's after Chiv 2 https://www.pcgamer.com/tripwire-is-thinking-about-whats-next-for-maneater-and-the-killing-floor-series/
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    Killing Floor 2 Perilous Plunder beta 1 (v.1094) is now live.

    Try reverifying the integrity of the game files. Are you on PC or on console? On pc it's under properties (right click) to get the option. Also are your friends and you playing the current build? The beta ended last week so the event is live until tonight.
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    Perilous Plunder Double XP, Increased Drops and Sale!

    What time on the 15th does the event end?