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Recent content by ®omano

  1. ®omano

    Linux server getting 0 takeover traffic

    You mean after 6 whole hours nobody took over your server? Impressive issue lol. Probably with the amount of available servers yours just haven't been randomly chosen.
  2. ®omano

    Server consistenly takes 20-45 seconds to appear in server browser

    They appear in the Steam server browser as soon as they send the information they are online, and that the Steam server browser list is refreshed on Steam's end. Favorites should appear instantly though, If they do not, they probably take long time to start completely. EDIT: use a tool like...
  3. ®omano

    Server bug, etc.

    No understando.
  4. ®omano

    2 Bugs

    In inventory?
  5. ®omano

    2 Bugs

    You can't have more than a max amount of Dosh Vault crates. Max was 50, then now I'm maxed out at 70, weird that you have 100 max in your inventory though...
  6. ®omano

    Server bug, etc.

    For the bugs about double items received you need to contact Tripwire directly through their ticket support platform. I meant that what you wrote makes no sense to my point of view because I can't understand anything you wanted to say in your first message.
  7. ®omano

    My Pool of Ideas

    I think you're almost 10 years late to the party dude.
  8. ®omano

    Server bug, etc.

    Sorry but nothing in what you wrote makes any sense.
  9. ®omano

    Free vault crate bug

    I stopped recycling this crap after multiple full inventory of them for no reason. It keeps coming. The vault items didn't really change since release so there's no point anyway.
  10. ®omano

    Some maps are unplayable

    The 'No Custom Servers' filter is only to differentiate the 'unranked' servers but server admins can modify lot of technical options in their server config files which do not 'unrank' the server. Usually server which use non white listed mods/mutators will be excluded by this filter. Going to...
  11. ®omano

    Some maps are unplayable

    You're playing on a modified server, judging by your FPS. Game is capped at 150FPS online. I'll give it a try on my own server to see, but pretty sure if you play on a vanilla server (without admins modifying all the settings they can for whatever reason), you'll have no issues with these maps.
  12. ®omano

    Crash upon connecting to a server (5 years old bug)

    Documents / My Games / Killing Floor 2 / contains the config and all. Some settings MAY be saved in your steam cloud though.
  13. ®omano

    Custom Gamemodes crash game due to KFEngine.ini MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC

    GC = Garbage Collection, so I GUESS it is max object not considered for garbage collection, which I assume is the memory cleanup.
  14. ®omano

    Key bindings not working?

    Delete My Documents/My Games/KillingFloor2/KFGame/Config/KFInput.ini or the whole folder My Documents/My Games/KillingFloor2/KFGame/Config Start the game and configure everything related to controls (keyboard/mouse) or configure everything if you deleted the whole Config folder.
  15. ®omano

    Question about hosting a server in KF2 via dedicated or rented server?!

    1 / Your server should be visible in the server list in game. If it is not, they probably have not opened/forwarded the proper ports on their side. You need to contact the support of your hosting company. 2 / In theory you should stop your server first, then edit the configuration files...