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XBox One


Hotfix Work In Progress Patch Notes

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June 2 UPDATE: During the testing of the build, issues popped up around the save system, which has required more work and additional testing to be done. We are currently aiming to have a new Relesase Candidate (what we would upload to the platforms) in test by later today or early tomorrow with a goal of getting this update out later this week still.

Hey sharks,

We look like we have the following items addressed in the upcoming hotfix, currently targeted for a release next week (the week of June 1st). Due to the nature of some of these fixes, we want to make sure they get some additional QA time, which prevents us from being able to deploy this update sooner. As this is a work in progress changelog, it may not fully reflect the final update as things move through the QA process.

All Platforms
  • Added a backup save system where the game will keep two saves in a save slot incase one becomes unavailable so it can fallback to the previous
  • Added additional...

Bay Bulletin - Hotfix Underway

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Hey Sharks!

First of all, we want to thank all of you fin-atics for diving into the world of Maneater. We have been thrilled to see so many of you experience what we’ve created, and yes we hear you, many of you want more to bite on! Don’t worry, we are prototyping, and reading your suggestions on what sorts of DLC (or Downloadable Chum) we can send you via the waves of the internet and will be discussing those plans in the future.

That said, we know some of you are running into choppy waters, and want to assure you that we are working hard to address these issues as fast as we can. Currently our top priorities are the following items:
  • Save game loss/corruption and progression issues
  • Performance and crashes issues

And we are aiming to get an update out next week for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (updates may have some platform dependent timings) to address a majority of these. To help keep some of these issues from impacting you if you do find yourself...

Maneater Known Issues PSA

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  • 222
Hey everyone,

We are so excited to see so many of you splashing around the gulf in Maneater, but we are aware some of you are being impacted by some issues which we know is not ideal. We want to let you know we are digging into these reports and the following is a non exhaustive list of top issues we are tracking and working on fixes for as soon as we can.

  • Xbox One X Overheating - We are aware that some Xbox One X users hare having an overheat shut down/message and are working with Microsoft to address this issue. We are also aware that a set of PS4 players are reporting something similar and also are investigating.
  • Progress Loss/Save Game Issues- We are tracking this issue and have had some success in replicating it. These seem like the primary culprits of this issue impacting players, but we are continuing to investigate other potential causes as well. For now to help avoid this happening to you:
    • Do not play with a controller that can...

Maneater Hotfix For Xbox One

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  • 0
  • Fix the tiger shark skin upgrade resetting when players would visit the grotto
  • Broadcast is now enabled (console may have to be reset before this will apply)

Maneater Day 0 Update

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  • 4
PS4 Build 1.03
Xbox Build

  • Fixed several Landmarks not properly unlocking
  • Fixed a rare case where the save file would be deleted on the PS4
  • Fixed an AI issue where predators would stop chasing players with extended play time
  • Found and fixed several causes of crashes
  • Added Focus Threat ability

  • Adjusted camera distance to shark for pup and teen
  • Adjusted Bounty Hunter movement and targeting
  • Added more details to the evolution upgrade menu
  • Adjusted mix of game audio
  • Tuned suspicion for humans on civilian boats
  • Added more detail to some quest descriptions
  • Added Game Tips to the right side of screen
  • Added option in menu to disable and reset Game Hints.
  • Reduced number of center screen pop ups for the tutorial by changing some to Game Tips.
  • Added a bigger celebration UI for obtaining an evolution
  • Added a bigger celebration for shark level up
  • Added post game stats screen...

Maneater Launch Trailer Released

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  • 1
Enjoy as you wait for the game to coming out in just a few days!

Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

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  • 35
Hello Mercs,

Last week we gave you intel on an old outpost that may have information on the Patriarch’s whereabouts. We won’t be sending you empty-handed. Horzine research and design has a few new additions for you to consider adding to your arsenal.

For the Demolitionists out there that are always asking “What else can we blow up, and how?”, we have the new HRG Kaboomstick. Fans of the HX25 Pistol will appreciate the increased pellets, double the magazine size. It has an alt-fire for even more boom when firing both barrels at once. Perfect for clearing away those pesky Zeds that have come in a little too close for your liking... and arming distance!

For the Berzerkers, a new ranged weapon. The HRG Teslauncher fires microwave rounds and has an alt-fire guaranteed to give mercs a shockingly good time. This assault rifle...

Merc Report - Improving Field Conditions

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  • 27

As part of our efforts to continuously improve your in-field experience, the techs have lined up some enhancements across your perk abilities, arsenal as well as UI!

Starting with the Seeker Six and Mac10, two weapons that were not getting much field usage. The Seeker Six projectiles are getting a larger explosive radius as well as a slight damage increase combined with a reduced arming distance. This will allow for better trash clearing and nearer explosions, with some risk. The weight is also being reduced to see if this helps it better fit into loadouts.

The Mac 10 is getting a price reduction, sliding it more into a tier between 2 and 3 to better match its current performance against other perk weaponry. This should make it a good choice for Firebugs and Swats looking to step up their firepower a little sooner. As part of this change, we will likely be doing some minor upgrades to its damage and incapacitation power as well.

The following Perk skills are also...

Merc Report - It's A Jungle Out There

  • 3,449
  • 6

Apologies for any confusion, but our previous messaging headers have been co-opted by corporate for some other campaign! If you have nice things, the wonderful team at the main Horzine office is always there to take them (and the credit)... But we digress.

We have intel about your next field locale, which looks to be one of our older black ops complexes. Thought “lost” both in the literal and figurative terms, we’ve found some trace evidence that this may have been done on purpose by the Good Dr, the Patriarch. As they say, science finds a way.

You know what that means, go in, hit the ground running, and find out anything there is to know and report back. This facility features an exterior loading zone and helipad, with an extensive, multi-level interior. If you are a clever merc, you may just be able to get the generators back on. Survival of any intel and assets is a priority and...

Update on Recent Purchase Issues on Console

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  • 1
We are aware of recent issue affecting one of our partners that has resulted in purchase issues. We are working closely with them to make sure this is resolved as soon as possible. Please fill out a support ticket in the event that we may need to manually grant any missing items.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for you patience. Please watch this thread for any additional information.

Neon Nightmares Double XP, Increased Drops and Sale is extended!

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Featured Key and Discounts:


  • Up to 25% off on all New Spring 2020 Items
  • Up to 50% off everything December 2019 and Prior

New Spring 2020 Cosmetic Bundles and Discounts:

20% Discount
  • Spectre HRG Weapon Skin Bundle Pack $4.99 -> $3.99
  • Premium Cyberpunk Ticket $2.49 -> $1.99

25% Discount
  • Jaeger MKII Weapon Skin Bundle Pack $7.99 -> $5.99
  • Compound Bow $9.99 -> $7.49

25% Discount across Bronze & Silver Bundle Tiers
17% Discount across Gold

($7.49, $14.99, $24.99)
  • Premium Cyberpunk Ticket Bundle
  • Horzine Supply Crate | Series Loco

Previously Released Item Discounts:

40% Discount - $2.49 -> $1.49

  1. Zed Killer USB Key
  2. Stories of War USB Key
  3. Cyberbone USB Key
  4. Horzine Issue USB Key
  5. DragonFire USB Key
  6. Horzine Supply Crate Key |...

Spring Update "Neon Nightmares" Is Here!

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  • 14

Neon Nightmares
  • Liven up the night and make it bright with the Neon Nightmares update! Check out our new Cyber Rave cosmetic lineup that will be sure to light up any Zed party you throw! Take a trip down the multiple levels of Biolapse and take advantage of its layouts and traps to give those pesky Zeds a run for their own dosh. Want to impress your friends by throwing them the best Zed-killing soiree? Horzine has just the thing for you! Try the new HRG Incendiary Rifle and Compound Bow. They’ll surely bring the heat and the freeze. Party long and hard on the killing floor!
  • Event Ends on 4 / 21 / 2020

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Community Map

    • Biolapse
      • Compatible with Survival and...

Maneater Press Previews and Dev Diary 3

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Last week we held a small event where members of the press got their first hands on with our upcoming titles Chivalry 2 and Maneater! Check them out (along with the latest dev diary) in the links below!


What We Are Up To - A Piercing Freeze

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  • 18
Hello everyone,

Today we wanted to go over some upcoming Perk and weapon changes that we feel will improve gameplay and player choice, as always, please let us know if we are on the right track!

The design team has been looking at Perk skills that are fairly lopsided in terms of player choice and has worked on updating their counterparts to make them more viable. These are currently:
  • (Berserker) ZED TIME - Berserker Rage: The heal percentage, fear radius, and fear duration are increased.
  • (Survivalist) ZED TIME - Lockdown: Knockdown, stumble, and stun rates are maxed to better guarantee one will trigger on most Zeds.
  • (Gunslinger) Line em’ Up: Additional penetration will be added to all Gunslinger weapons. The bullets will be able to penetrate through Zeds when they previously could not, depending on the Zed shot.
  • (Firebug) Ground Fire: This now applies to the ground fires generated by the Dragonsbreath, Spitfires, and Molotovs.

And a weapon that is also...

What We Are Up To - Fire Downrange

  • 5,686
  • 9
Firebugs, we here at Horzine have been informed about your burning need for more scintillating weaponry. Today we want to share two ways you’ll be burning up the competition for Zed kills in the near future.

Ever noticed when fighting a Zed horde that new ones tend to replace the ones you just killed, often in the same place? What if you left them a fiery present? The lab coats have been tooling around with the ammunition for the Dragonsbreath over the last few weeks, and they’ve come up with an upgrade.

Soon to be deployed for field testing, each fiery round is now guaranteed to leave ground fire at the site of impact (either directly, or where you hit a Zed). Helping the team lockdown that chokepoint? Switch weapons no more as you continue to blast away creating pools of fire to thin out the herd.

Another prototype from the HRG team is also on the way to help you reach out and burn some...

What We Are Up To - Lapsed Judgment

  • 6,375
  • 20

Perhaps we should not have come here”, was the thought on the top of the mercs minds as they entered deeper and deeper into the facility. New clues were the lure that brought them here, the supposed site of one of Dr. Clamely’s favorite offices to work out of when he was more... human-like. But perhaps that, like so many other leads, was just another trap.

Biolapse by Delta-Ranger, took First Place in the Non-Survival mapping contest and is the next community map joining the official rotation. Biolapse is a Holdout style map where players clear floor by floor before moving on to the next. Featuring a wide array of rooms, players will soon discover that the doors they locked behind them may soon be blocking their hasty “suddenly planned” retreat.

We’ll have more to share with the mercs...

Killing Floor 2 State of the Game, David Amata provides a look the...

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  • 10
As Killing Floor 2, closes out the 2019 chapter of its lifecycle, it’s important to reflect on how the game has grown and changed over the past year and where it’s going for its continued future. On the outset of 2019, we had three overarching goals we wanted to target:

  1. Target top quality of life improvements and issues
  2. Add weapons to the arsenal that fulfilled unserved functions with a perk’s existing arsenal
  3. Deliver on long-in-development features and content that are hotly requested.

For the first point, we did a deep analysis of our end of year survey, forums, and community posts and compiled a list of things we wanted to target within each of our updates. These improvements came directly from the fan requests so please continue to be active on the forums, surveys, and social media.

At the end of 2018, we recognized we had a robust catalog of weapons so we wanted to make a concerted effort within the design to tailor each new weapon to serve some...

Release date and platform announcements for Maneater!

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We are thrilled to announce, Maneater is scheduled to launch on May 22, 2020 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), with plans to launch later in 2020 on Nintendo Switch ™.

Killing Floor 2 Yuletide Horror 2019 Update Launch Event and Steam In-Game...

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Get Killing Floor 2 on sale this holiday from 12/10-12/17 for 67% off, all in-game keys and bundles discounted for a limited time for up to 25% newly released items and up to 50% previously released content! Feel the holiday spirit multiplied with 2XP and Quad Drops during the first week of launch.

Prices listed below are USD.

New December 2019 Item Promotional Discounts

20% Discount - $2.49 -> $1.99

  • Emote Crate Key Series #3
  • Jaeger USB Key
  • Premium Christmas Ticket

New December 2019 Cosmetic Bundles and Discounts:

20% Discount

  • Santa’s Helper Outfit Bundle $4.99 -> $3.99
  • Yuletide Horror Weapon Skin Bundle $14.99 -> $11.99

25% Discount

  • Jaeger Weapon Skin Double Pack $3.99 -> $2.99
  • Foster’s Favorites Weapon Skin Pack...