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Poll--Bandaging and Bleed-Out in Classic. Read first post before voting!

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  • #16
    I voted "Yes: Other Implementation"

    For starters, the wounding/bandaging system tried to resolve an issue with Ost that many of us found ridiculous: getting shot and not having much if any penalty for it. Wounding/bandaging AS RELEASED was a poor implementation of a good idea.

    I think I'd like to see the bandaging time increased (as it has been in the beta realism mode), along with some suppression effect from the time you are hit until you get patched up. In fact, that uniform system could be implemented for Classic and Realism and I'd be fine with it. The main thing is that the time it took to bandage and the penalty you paid for being hit was ALWAYS too small in HoS as it was released. That is being remedied and I like the direction it's heading in.

    With other polls of this nature I have taken the tack of "if it was not in Ost, then leave it out of Classic". Not here.


    • #17
      Voted no.

      Sounded like a good idea before I tried it. I can imagine that "Yes. Wounds cause movement, sway, or stamina handicap that bandaging removes/reduces" might work well but I would have to try it beforehand. Maybe a general handicap wherever you get hit + location specific on top of it.


      • #18
        Wounding should cause bleeding relative to the injury, a throat shot may bleed 10 times worse than a leg shot etc. Bandaging should stop the bleeding.
        (although I would prefer if it wasn't stopped as soon as bandaging began)

        I also want to see disabilities, such as minor movement penalties for leg wounds, aiming difficulties from bone-impacting arm wounds, and suppression on hit.

        The more serious non-lethal injuries become, the more players will fear being hit. This is really important to the whole concept of suppression.


        • #19
          Damage wise I think it should be as in classic.

          However when shot in the foot or hand in classic or whatever, you should have heavy sway issues, reduced movement speed or anything else until you bandage.

          So while bandaging does not affect health or make you less likely to die or not, make the game have negative side effects until you bandage.


          • #20
            Other - Bandaging only stops bleed out, all other effects from your wound, sway, movement etc. stay until you are killed.


            • #21
              Originally posted by Korn-Y View Post
              "No. Would hurt gameplay."

              RO Classic's goal is to offer a gameplay similar to RoOST. So i can't stand to see a soldier running, getting shot, instant stop walking and apply his bandage and start to run again in RO 'Classic', NO.

              Your idea is very good, really, but as you said, it's a realistic feature (or tweaked feature) and it would be better to see your idea in Realism and not in RO Classic.
              I don't think that would speak for the majority of Classic Players.

              The point with Classic Mode is not to create a carbon copy of RO OST. It's to create a spiritual sequel to OST which means that the goal of the game is to improve the formula of OST, e.i the style, features and other elements.
              It's about improving what was good in ROST, and remove and/or tweak what was bad, with heavy emphasis on realism and more tactical slow-paced combat. The ability to bandage yourself adds more realism to the mode hence why its positive for it.

              Also, its really up to debate whenever Realism Mode is to consider as The Realistic mode. Features, such as the lockdown timer, skillpoints, perks, unlocks, ninja bandaging does not make sense in terms of realism. If the mode actually focused on realism these features and many others would not exist.
              ''Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.''
              - Edward H. Harriman

              Originally posted by Rabid Penguin
              I would rather blowtorch my nipples off than play Action Mode.


              • #22
                No. I thought it was tedious and obnoxious and very rarely actually added a tense moment where you had to make a decision.


                • #23
                  I really don't like the bandaging feature. I'm all for wound penalties though, but I'd prefer if some of those penalties remained until death, like extra sway when wounded in the arm. Nobody is going to suicide just because they've got more sway.


                  • #24
                    Originally posted by Nikita View Post
                    Now, in Ostfront, you'd see a soldier running, getting shot, and just keep running... you'd also get into a rifle duel with an enemy, only wound him, and then get killed as the enemy ignored the wound and shot back. You get hit in the upper arm, the chest, or even in the head in Ostfront, and as long as you survive, you can just ignore it and keep playing normally. I believe what people are trying to say here is that bandaging improves upon that.

                    If implemented properly, you wouldn't see the soldier stop, bandage, and run onwards. They'd run to cover to bandage because bleed-out time was longer, or they'd sit there in the open bandaging for seven seconds or so, letting you line up the kill shot.
                    This is again another area where I feel like my opinion doesn't count because I'm not a fan of Classic mode overall. Increased sway, slower movement, fair enough. But part of the reason I'm not a fan of Classic mode is stuff like this, however. I agree with Nikita almost 100%; this has always been my opinion on bandaging. It leaves people with a bitter taste when they shoot an enemy and he stops to bandage and goes on his way, but consider that in Ostfront he didn't even have to do that, he could completely ignore having been shot --now what I would ask proponents of Ostfront/Classic mode, in what way is that more tactically oriented, if Ostfront's tactical virtues are really at the heart of Classic mode? By now we are well beyond the "it wasn't in Ostfront" or "Ostfront with better graphics" concept, so I think Nikita is quite right to put this on the table as a tactical gameplay consideration. At least in RO2 being wounded creates a tactical dilemma that potentially impacts a player's behavior. Nonlethal hits can thus affect the battlefield in an immediate way that they never could in Ostfront. Whatever tweaks are deemed necessary, that's more realistic and more "tactical".

                    I voted for "Yes. Wounds cause bleed-out as in Realism Mode" (Note: Realism mode as it currently is in the beta), this in addition to the current impairment of being shot in the leg.

                    I feel that the most popular option in the poll ("
                    Yes. Wounds cause movement, sway, or stamina handicap that bandaging removes/reduces") is lamentable and unrealistic and amazing to me that it should be most popular because it more closely resembles "healing" than the Realism style --which was often ridiculed for being "healing" even though it wasn't at all.


                    • #25
                      Bleed-out doesn't cause any impact on the player's immediate performance, though, and this is at the heart of why I voted for sway penalties etc. In fact in many cases in vanilla I don't even bother trying to bandage because the limb damage cap means I simply don't need to. The limb can take full damage without ever affecting my performance.

                      I regard removal of these penalties by bandaging as a reasonable abstraction - rather like respawning, just without having to actually die first.

                      In Ostfront, if you got hit in the leg, you slowed down for a period of time then were able to move normally again. I'd see the RO2 version working like this, but with penalties for hits elsewhere on the body as well, and rather than just 'get better' you have to take some action to restore full function.


                      • #26
                        I like the idea of having to stay out of the battle for a while after getting shot, which is realistic, so Yes.


                        • #27
                          Yes. Wounds cause movement, sway, or stamina handicap that bandaging removes/reduces

                          Cypers idea is good too. I like the slow bleed-out and bandaging as a concept, but the animation for bandaging needs to be slower and the sway (or other ailment) must remain in place afterward, or only be slightly reduced.


                          • #28
                            I voted for the damage, but I'd kinda like a hybrid of the damage and added penalties option - basically, when you are bleeding out you slowly take damage (maybe, say, 30 seconds to a minute to die from blood loss?) as well as taking penalties from whatever wounded limb you happen to have. If you want to get rid of these, you'll have to bandage for 10-15 seconds. That way, bandaging isn't something that you can ignore completely or do in the heat of combat, but you won't die nearly instantly if you don't get to it right away.

                            That said, I'm against permanent penalties. Sure, its realistic, but it would also be a pain in the butt to bandage yourself up, then STILL be unable to help your team that much, and I guarantee that it would lead to suicides (especially if a person's legs were damaged, since they'd have trouble getting around the map).


                            • #29
                              Originally posted by Cyper View Post
                              Vote: Yes other implementation (describe)

                              In my opinion the bandage system should remain. Whenever it were a part of ro classic or not is irrelevant in this case. It's realistic and therefore I like it.

                              It has indeed to be tweaked though.

                              The bleeding-out time should be set to about 5 minute instead of 5 seconds.
                              The longer you wait, the more penalty there will be due to blood loss. The animation and time it takes to apply the bandage should be slow downed drastically and take about 6-7 seconds. When the bandage is applied the bleeding stop. The wound is still there though, and it should still have an affect on running (if legs are injured) and more weaponsway (if arms are injured) and stamina penalty.

                              Bandaging should not remove these handicaps. It should only reduce it very, very slighly. However, the longer you wait to apply the bandage, the worse the handicap for it will be because of blood loss.
                              I second this ^^^